Full-service excavation and trucking services for the Capital District

With more than 30 years providing excavation and trucking services to the Capital District, Schodack Septic ranks among the most respected and successful companies in the region. Time and again we have proven that our commitment is to customer satisfaction first and foremost, no matter how big or how small the project.

Residents and businesses in the Capital Region count on Schodack Septic for the full range of excavating and trucking services, including excavation and installation of complete sewer and septic systems [Links to Septic and Sewer page], residential, commercial, and public-utility water and sewer lines, new construction basements and foundations, heavy- and light-duty hauling, and much more.

Our excavation services also include residential and commercial ponds [Links to Landscape Products page], as well as full-service grading for building sites, landscaping projects, driveways, and parking lots.

Turnkey site preparation.

Residential or commercial construction projects can be managed by our turnkey site-preparation services that include everything from foundation and basement excavation to installation of footing drains and driveway or parking lot grading, digging for waterlines, installing septic and well liners, installation of complete septic systems [Links to Septic and Sewer page], as well as backfilling all excavated areas and final grading of the entire site.

Equipment for hire

All Schodack Septic’s trucking and excavation equipment [Links to Home page equipment section] not in use on one of our own projects is available to rent on a half-day or daily basis, along with a driver or equipment operator. Our drivers and operators are licensed, insured, and held to the highest standards of professional conduct. [Confirm rental terms]

In addition to our variety of earth-moving equipment, residential or commercial you can rent our one-ton, tandem, and triaxle dump trucks.

To learn more about Schodack Septic excavation and trucking services, call 518-477-4322.