High-quality, fully seasoned hardwood firewood by the bin, face-cord, or full cord.

There’s nothing quite as comforting or romantic as a warm fire in the fireplace on a chilly winter night. And nothing’s more frustrating than trying to build a fire with damp, rotting, or un-seasoned softwood that just won’t catch or burn with the warmth and beauty you want.

That’s why Schodack Septic offers only completely dry, fully seasoned hardwood through our firewood delivery service. You can order by the bin (about 4’ x 4’ of wood), the face-cord (about 4’ x 8’), or full cord (equal to about 3 face-cords). All firewood is uniformly cut to the standard “fireplace” length of 16 inches. Delivery is free and can be stacked at your preferred location for a modest fee.

To learn more about having Schodack Septic provide you with top-quality, seasoned hardwood for the winter, call 518-477-4322.