From job sites to concerts, weddings to special events, Schodack Septic has the right portable toilets for any occasion.

Schodack Septic provides portable toilets for events of all kinds: construction sites, outdoor parties large and small, graduations, weddings, family reunions, rallies, concerts, sporting events, and more. Whether you need one or one hundred or more, Schodack Septic will deliver and set up your portable toilet facilities exactly where and how you want them located.

Options for all occasions. Different outdoor events and construction sites have different portable toilet requirements. So, Schodack Septic provides four distinctive styles to meet the widest possible variety of needs. Regardless of style, however, all units are made of heavy construction materials, set on strong, stable bases, with spring-loaded, self-closing doors that lock from the inside, and are kept clean and in perfect working order.

Standard Models

Standard models are typically specified for construction sites or large public events where multiple units are required for large crowds. Visual: (picture of inside and outside of unit).

Ambassador models

Ambassador models are the same design and construction as Standard, but include an interior sink and soap dispenser for events that can benefit from increased sanitation. Visual: (picture of inside and outside of unit).

Flushable models

Flushable models increase the level of sanitation even further, while also featuring an interior sink and soap dispenser. Visual: (picture of inside and outside of unit).

Deluxe models

Deluxe models are exclusively available from Schodack Septic and are the “Cadillac” for our line. They were created by our owner, Cindi Ball, for occasions that require the utmost in comfort, privacy, and cleanliness. Deluxe units are more spacious, measuring more than double the size of our Standard units, while featuring amenities such as carpeting, floral arrangements, and interior lighting. And while Deluxe units are especially desirable for more formal outdoor occasions such as weddings and receptions, they are growing in popularity for private parties and events of all kinds. Visual: (picture of inside and outside of unit).

Handicap Accessible models

Handicap Accessible models are also available in Standard, Ambassador, and Flushable units. [Please fact check which models are available handicap accessible, or is this a totally separate unit that has its own features?] Visual: (picture of inside and outside of unit).

To learn more about portable toilets available from Schodack Septic, call 518-477-4322.