Full-service septic system installation, maintenance, and repair.

Schodack Septic offers full-service installation, cleaning, maintenance, and repair, of residential and commercial septic systems. Our experienced, expert professionals have the knowledge to answer any questions you might have about your system, whether you need a new installation or service on an existing system. Whatever your need, you can be assured that your property will be protected from damage and returned to its original condition at the conclusion of our work.

A septic system consists of a few basic components: drain pipes leading from the home to an underground septic tank, and drain pipes carrying waste from the septic tank into an underground drainage area known as a “leach field,” where it serves as fertilizer.

Septic System Installation

Schodack Septic provides complete installation services, excavation of ditches carrying the pipes leading from the home to the septic tank site, burial of the septic tank, excavation of the companion leach field, and all necessary drain piping from the home to the septic tank and to the leach field.

Pumping and Cleaning Service

Your septic system needs to be pumped and cleaned every two to three years to ensure many years of reliable operation. The build-up of sludge in the bottom and scum at the top of the water layer in your tank can cause it to fail and need expensive replacement. When we clean your septic system, we also inspect all piping and connections to ensure reliable operation, including the condition of your leach field.

Drain Cleaning

Drain pipes from your residence to your tank and to your leach field can become clogged for many reasons: food, waste, tree roots, even the unexpected critter or a child’s toy. Schodack Septic is fully equipped to clear your system drain pipes of whatever is obstructing them. We use a video snake line to identify the location and nature of the obstruction and take exceptional care to remove it without damage to your drainage system. We also determine if the clog has caused damage to your system that requires further repair, and provide a detailed explanation and estimate of any other needed repair costs.

Repair Services

A variety of situations create the need for septic repair: clogging, pipe leaks, cracks, etc. Sometimes repairs require only a thorough cleaning and pumping. Other times it may require exposing the tank, pipes, and other underground components. Whatever repair your system may require, our expert staff and technicians have the knowledge to return your system to peak operation, and your property to the condition we found it in when we arrived.

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